What clients and students say about working with Kevin

I signed up for the Basic DNA class with Kevin, with an interest in learning Theta healing. Yet the week before was filled with anxiety and fear. Kevin encouraged me in attending and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I went. The class taught me everything I was looking to learn, and thanks to Kevin’s insights and experience, I felt like I came way with much more. My confidence has increased to levels I wasn’t even aware of and I’ve used Theta healing as much as I can on a daily basis and am constantly looking at how to help others with it.

The class attracted wonderful class members as well and I am thankful for every moment of the experience. If you are considering Theta healing at all, sign up and go! You will be very thankful and changed for the better! Thanks Kevin – I feel great and am very glad I came to class!

~ Laura Cruz

Kevin Baluha is an extraordinary man who embodies source so completely that his mere presence is medicine. His soul-bounty and healing energy can be felt from any distance and the level of comfort he brings is immeasurable and lasting. He is gifted, intuitive, gentle and strong and always knows exactly what dose of insight and energy to offer in supporting his clients return to wholeness and love. I am also quite partial to his great big healing hugs that always leave me feeling like a fully-charged battery in an all-out light-blaring, music-playing, dancing child’s toy. No matter what the issue, Kevin can guide you to the solution and no matter how great the resistance, Kevin can move it to release.

~ Francesca Magdalena Gauri

I did not know anything about Theta Healing until I took this course taught by Kevin. A friend told me about it and we went to the 3 day class in Orlando. It is difficult to express how impressed I was with Kevin’s authenticity, knowledge and patience. Lets just say it was an awesome experience.

I have always had a belief in a godly power and I know that love is the most powerful of energies, but I was not prepared for learning how to use the godly power and love to help others. Theta healing taught me how to tap into the energy to help myself become a better person and to use that power to help others better themselves. I am grateful for this knowledge and I know that I will be able to contribute to the betterment my community.

~ Howard

Dear Nicole,

I would like to ask you to share this email with Kevin. I have been busy for 57 years discovering the mysteries of my inner life. My path has taken me through a wide variety of spiritual learnings. Kevin’s presentation, teaching on Tuesday was the closest to the essence of pure source that I have experienced. He got out of the way and let pure source through. I get it. I love you both. Thank you for helping me back home. I eagerly look forward to sharing the experience with friends and family and joining you in more workshops and seminars in the future. Bless you good. I love you.

~ Lisa

Hi Kevin,

Fantastic News. Bloods are up even more, in fact the immune system is almost normal. Maybe because I keep convincing myself that I can travel and will not pick up any bugs!!
But best of all are the Cancer markers they did this time. When diagnosed they were 356 now they are down to 86. YEAH. My oncologist is so impressed and keeps telling me the chemo is working. (Of course we know I have outside help).
I am in for all my tests the day after I get back from Perth 28th Nov., see my Oncologist on the 4th December and Bowel Surgeon on the 5th December so I will be able to attend both Theta classes as I will insist that if surgery is to go ahead it will have to be on the 10th December.
I am so pleased I pursued this avenue and it led me to you. As you said the other day we get steered in directions without realising it and following your intuition is a good thing.

Warm regards,

Danise Challis

Hiya Kevin,

About 6 months back i experienced a transformational healing with you that has completely enriched and changed my world for the better. Thank you so, so much for sharing the wonderful gift you have with me.

I have made peace with past demons as i waved them farewell, and now look to where i stand today with bright sunny skies in front of me – it is a clear fine day in my world.

Thank you mate,

Lanie Cream