Theta Healing Session

Theta Healing Session

Some of the benefits of a Theta Healing Session can be:

  • Releasing past and present cellular trauma
  • Freedom from the patterns of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse
  • Living your life’s purpose

  • Releasing resentment, grudges, and prejudices

  • Identify and clearing past life memories

  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Clearing blocks to true happiness and excitement about life

  • Clearing blocks to prosperity

  • Recovering from broken relationships

  • Improving relationships with partners, family and co-workers.
  • Manifesting a soul mate

  • Clearing blocks and manifesting success in business and career

  • Enhancing or opening up your intuitive and healing abilities
  • Healing Spiritual, emotional, mental or physical disease

Take the leap get a Theta Healing SessionTheta Healing is a technique that enables you to effectively deal with physical and emotional issues that are occurring or have occurred in your life. Through Theta Healing you clear the veil between the conscious and unconscious self. You allow yourself to bring a higher quality of life in which you align your thoughts and desires with your experience of life. Theta Healing affects the health and vitality of the mind, body, spirit and can have amazing results in the people and things in your life not just yourself.

Theta healing facilitates the release of thought patterns that make you ill, create emotional barriers with friends and family, and free you of the subtle memories that drive your life unconsciously. As your mind becomes clear your life will come into harmony and you will have greater personal power and freedom. Physical conditions (pains, injuries and disease) are related to emotional conditions. The word dis-ease may give you a hint. With Theta Healing you can put your body, mind and soul AT EASE where you will be free of dis-ease.

Through Theta Healing techniques you can unlock your own genius, gain financial abundance, achieve personal freedom, and resolve issue from your past WITHOUT the need to relive them. You can resolve ANY complaint you have. You can be or do anything you can imagine. If you had a tool like that WHO WOULD YOU BE! The world wants you to accomplish this.

Theta Healing works face-to-face, or anywhere on the planet. These sessions are effective in person or over the phone. Session prices are $108 USD.