Theta Healing™ Manifesting Abundance

Would you like to truly master the art of Manifesting Abundance?  Would you like to know the secrets of living true abundance, channeled by a true master? If so, join us for 2 days of abundance and plenty as we put you through your paces to clear whatever is blocking you from the life of your dreams.

This course is designed to find whatever’s left, to find those missing pieces, hidden blocks, secret triggers… whatever is standing between you and your goals. Vianna has developed new techniques to help you find hidden genetic beliefs and other blocks that you never knew you had.   In addition, learn new manifesting techniques never before taught by Vianna.

Learn how to:

  • Manifest a dream
  • Clear anger, resentment and regret that stands in the way of your abundance
  • Open the area around your heart to be able to receive
  • Release survival issues from your first chakra
  • See your next steps
  • Create something new and wonderful in your life that your personality hadn’t even thought of yet!
  • Trust that you will receive the guidance you need
  • Let go of worry about the future
  • Express the deepest part of your being in everything you create
  • Work with the spiritual laws to create abundance
  • Believe it is possible to have your needs met
  • Claim the abundance you truly deserve

During the course you will:

  • Learn, and change, the beliefs that Vianna channeled from Creator, that are important at this time to opening our access to our Divine abundance
  • Work with others to clear your fears around what would happen if you had the power to have your desires and thoughts manifest instantly
  • Clear beliefs in scarcity that have resulted in humanity creating wars and taking more than is needed from the earth
  • Create new beliefs that uncover ways for you to create abundance for everyone


In this course you will learn a step by step process to manifest circumstances, situations, relationships, forms and objects that will most serve you and your highest future:

  • Access complete ideas from the divine mind
  • Set directions and intentions in line with your highest potential future
  • Discover the essence of what you want and the quality it gives you
  • Bring the energy of what you want into your DNA
  • Open to receiving, allowing and deserving what you want
  • Expand and contract time – get what you want sooner!
  • Use your powerful emotions to draw things to you
  • Create things in their most beautiful, radiant form that will give energy back to you
  • Create things that will bring you joy, harmony, love and blessings
  • Increase your ability to receive by raising your vibration and creating more flow in your life.



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