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happinessThis is a thirty day program to cultivate and align you with a happy healthy life. What would you do to achieve living a happy healthy Life in within 30 days? What do you think it would take? If you already have one, how much happier and healthier could you be? What if you could dedicated 45 minutes per day for 30 days to YOU? A client would pay over $1000 for session work of that magnitude? How much is it worth to have 15 healings in 30 days? What if you could rid your self of lifetimes worth of junk in 30 days for 300.00? One of our clients said this It took me a few days to get over that I was getting the better end of this deal, Kevin works so hard and I only paid 300 bucks! I asked myself is he insane? How can he do it so reasonably?.”

Master Manifestor Program

manifestor This 16 week program is designed you if you are a person who knows about manifesting, and would like to refine and amplify your ability. You may have strengths in one or more areas but there are blocks in others. This program goes systematically through eight stages of manifesting to build and unlimit your abilities in all areas of your life. This course will be challenging and powerful.
Included is unlimited access to healing videos, 4 private sessions per week, group telecalls, and daily excercises to unlock your potential.

Mastering manifesting could be worth millions of dollars to you. It could be peace, joy, family, love, luxury, travel, adventure. What are you waiting for? The investment in this program is only $100USD per week.

True & Lasting Love

If you have struggled with creating and maintaining a lasting relationship, maybe you could benefit from creating an amazing relationship with YOU. This program is targeted at assisting you in getting and sustaining the relationship(s) you desire. For 16.95 per month you get:

  • An initial 30 minute consultation
  • coaching on creating an online profile to get clear with what you desire
  • access to video healing sessions that shift your beliefs
  • free email coaching 3 times per month
  • access to telecalls
  • discounted sessions of 44.00USD normally $71.00USD

If you are ready to connect to authentic love:

If you are having trouble clicking that button, what if that commitment was to your self? Why not

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2 thoughts on “Programs

  1. Melissa

    I would enjoy more information regarding Theta Healing please. I currently am a Reiki Master, born Healer and Intuitive, as well. Last year began taking time to learn about Beta, Theta ect, among other forms, so this is incredible for me to become more educated, plus would enjoy Instructing teaching others to help themselves and heal their past and current concerns.
    Thank You kindly,

  2. Tanya

    I love to learn about new and upcoming healing sessions. Has anyone ever been sponsored to attend or do you know of whom to contact to be sponsored. I have some reiki knowledge but I’m very intrigued about your programs.


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