A summary of our Services

Theta Alchemy ServicesSessions

Theta Healing sessions are fast, powerful, and fun. They may just totally change your life. They work as effectively in person as over the phone or Skype.

Learn Theta Healing and begin or enhance your practice. Many of our students have made Theta Healing or some variation of it part of their everyday life. And many of them have made it their full time job.

We offer:

If you have visited our Trainings section and we do not offer one in your area do contact us and we will discuss options. Which COULD be that we bring a class to your area. Currently we are actively and regularly teaching in Boulder, Denver, Southwest Florida, South Florida, Tampa Bay Florida, Austin Texas, OSA Costa Rica, Bozeman Montana, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Leverage our experience and engage us one of our longer programs for longevity, life purpose, manifesting, restoration or customize a program. Some of these programs are not offered anywhere else in the world. Imagine reversing or even choosing your age that you express yourself as.

Intuitive Reading
Wanna try our services but not sure? We offer an Intuitive Reading by email. Within 24 hours we will send you an report of the information we are able to detect. The investment is 19.95. Order yours today!