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Kevin Baluha

Kevin Baluha – Founder,
Theta Alchemy 


From an early age Kevin had an amazing relationship with machines and numbers and was very quick-witted. At age 14 he developed a strong interest in computers and insisted that the education system give him access. His hunger to understand the complex nature of computers led to late nights and early mornings educating himself, soon he spent more time at the computer than he did in school. His curiosity and tenacity resulted in an amazing career as a sought after software engineer and his career spanned the US, Anguilla, Bermuda, and Australia.

While working in Australia, he overheard someone raving about the power and benefits of instant healing, Theta Healing. A few days later, he saw an ad for a class in Theta Practitioner Certification. His interest piqued, he dialed the number and the name ‘Simon’ came up on his phone display. Kevin remembered that two days after he arrived in Australia, the first person he met on Australian soil told him he should call Simon and had been the one who put the number in the phone. That locked it, and Kevin knew that Theta Healing was an integral part of his path…

Getting involved with Theta Healing was best thing he ever did. Kevin belgained access to a tool that gave him direct understanding of instant healing, and the laws and workings of the Universe and how to work with it. By June 2006 was he was a certified  Theta Healing Instructor.

Since that time Kevin contintued to develop his skills as a Practitioner and Instructor by Healing and Teaching. In 2008 he left is long time IT career to step into Theta Healing Full time. He now teaches classes all over the world.

He teaches because he deeply believes that everyone who wishes to do this can heal themselves, and he is happy to assist in that process. He also works with individuals seeking support on their healing journey, and is known for producing real and lasting results in his clients’ lives.



  • Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2 Instructor.
  • Theta healing DNA 2 Advanced Instructor.
  • Manifesting Abundance Instructor.
  • Intuitive Anatomy Teacher.
  • Matrix Energetics Practitioner.
  • Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator.

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