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Welcome to Theta Alchemy’s School of Energy Healing where our focus is on the Theta Healing© technique.

In August 2013 the founder of Theta Alchemy, Kevin Baluha, came to Colorado to visit. He had friends in the Boulder area and he came and took one hike in the Mountains and felt home. Why? Because the city of Boulder is called that because it sits on a giant quartzite BOULDER. Naturally, he continued living his passion by teaching and doing Theta Healing to locals and travelers alike.  Kevin is now hosting regular Theta Healing Classes in the boulder area. He has trained over 350 Theta healing practitioners and done more than 5000 sessions. There are FEW Theta Healers or teachers with as many years of experience we have. What would it take for you come here and be in Quartzite vibration of the Rocky Mountains to be supported while you learn Theta Healing? Over the next few months we will be increasing our offerings to include the entire Spectrum of Theta Healing courses including DNA3, The Game of Life, Theta Healing Rhythm, Diseases and disorders, Soul mate, World Relations, and the Planes of Existence. This will augment our current offerings to include the entire spectrum of Non-teacher Theta Healing courses. There are many reasons to attend a Theta Healing training, but now it gets even better; you can make Boulder Colorado your next working vacation destination. 

Upcoming Courses


Theta Alchemy HandTheta Alchemy is dedicated to assisting you in achieving a happy, healthy life. When was the last time you put yourself first, and addressed the core issues that are keeping you stuck? Isn’t it time?

Kevin Baluha, Founder of Theta Alchemy, says: “My goal is to deliver first class service to you, that will bring happiness, health, and  a sense of wonder to your life. I will take care of you, and help change whatever is in your way. That’s my promise.”  Are you ready to transform your life forever?

Who We Are

Theta Alchemy was founded by Kevin Baluha, a Theta Healing Instructor and a powerful manifestor. Kevin has committed his life to serving YOU in the release of your limiting belief systems. He is dedicated to assisting you in the deepest fulfillment of your desires on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. He is here to serve you and your highest good.

He formed Theta Alchemy as a vehicle to unite with or form a community of like HEARTED ones to work together for the creation of a conscious life, lifestyle, and world.


How We Can Serve You

Our Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, or Access Consciousness Sessions are fast, powerful,and fun. Each session work as effectively in person, or over the phone/Skype.

Take a Theta Healing Basic (DNA 1 & 2) or Advanced (DNA 2 Advanced) course and become a professional Practitioner.

Leverage our experience and engage us one of our longer programs for longevity, life purpose, manifesting, restoration or customize a program.

What Others Say About Us

Over a period of more than 8 years since I have been working with Kevin, he has always met me where I am and delivered the most sensitive and direct path to the exploration of my core issues that lead to real growth and change. I took both the basic and advanced theta healing classes with Kevin so have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. Since I have had a long term relationship with him, his ability to serve my needs is heightened. Kevin is a highly gifted healer who gives generously and completely of himself and his broad knowledge. He has always exceeded my expectations in both group and individual work. You will not be disappointed.
Andrea P.

I’ve experienced the benefits first hand in private healing sessions, and recently took a basic course on how to implement this method myself. It has not only eliminated persistent health conditions, but also woken me up to more freedom and power, openness and ease of being, with a much lighter grip on my beliefs.
James A

Kevin did a healing on my back, I was unable to get out of bed. After 4 hours, not only did my back feel better but I had a job, was invited to join a band and two ex-girlfriends called and wanted to connect. It was so intense, I wanted it to stop. Kevin said “let’s sort THAT out!”